The Nervous System

With over 7 individual organ systems functioning to perform different duties in the human body, one system is necessary to oversee that overall functioning is projected in a positive direction. This is a responsibility of the nervous system.

Critical Realm

The human mind is like an iceberg with three distinct realms: the conscious, subconscious and the unconscious. The three realms have different contents and different roles. The structure of the mind gives rise to an important question:

Which of the three realms of the mind is critical for our mental health?

A rapid answer from the top of our heads to this question is of course the conscious. Isn't our  mental health dependent on the state of our conscious mind?

Breathing happiness

Published on Apr 14, 2016

You already possess the tool you need to control your own happiness. Emma Seppälä explores the science behind harnessing your state of mind and how it can ultimately lead to success.

Community Development

When we promote the technique of deep breathing at the community level, it leads to individuals who are at peace within. Peace within leads to peace without. Indivdual wellness leads to community wellness. Individual behaviour leads to crime free community. Individuals with learning ability creates communities with awareness and prosperity.

All communities need to invest to gain these benefits is to create a culture of deep diaphragmatic breathing.

And this is not a big investmen considering the potential benefits!

Self Development

SHEN Centre for Health and Wellness is focused on a simple technique the regular use of which helps an individual up regulate our neurological control for self development, self management, general health and wellness including physical health, mental health, learning ability, social behaviour and achievement. The technique has the potential of helping us achieve any life goal we set for ourselves, It costs no money, has no side effects and needs no prerecquisites. Anybody can use it. It promises benefits all around.

Breathe Deep for Health and Wellness

There is a form of breathing that occurs naturally in mammals in a relaxed state...

Cultivate Compassion Naturally

"I have learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances." 

~~Martha Washington

Upregulating Neurological Control of the Mind-Body: A Conceptual Model

Article presenting conceptual model of how to upregulate control of mind-body.

Harnessing the Iceberg

"Ideas we don't know we have, have us".

Psychologist James Hillman


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